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The Handy way to feeding and weeding...

Whatever you need to spread, be it seed, salt, granular fertiliser or top dressing, our comprehensive range of drop and broadcast spreaders enable you to apply it with impressive speed, efficiency and consistency!
Beginning the line up is a compact but fast working hand propelled drop spreader that is lightweight and easy to push; and which, thanks to its straightforward design, requires little or no maintenance.
If you’re looking to treat a larger area, our push type broadcast spreaders are ideal! They offer increased capacity compared to the drop spreader, but nevertheless retain the excellent handling characteristics and simplicity of operation.
Our tractor towed broadcast spreader is suitable for very large scale use. Like all our broadcast spreaders, the towed unit features high torque gearing, high traction tyres and an adjustable feed control.
Designed with careful attention to durability, each of these machines is built around a rugged tubular steel frame and benefits from a weather and corrosion proof polypropylene hopper.

Salt Spreaders

The Handy way gritting your driveway...

Keep paths, driveways, parking-areas and forecourts accessible throughout the winter period with fine ice melt & a Handy salt-spreader!
You can choose from three machines, with every model working via simple hand-propulsion and running on large, high-traction pneumatic tyres that ensure successful operation in icy conditions.
Designed to deliver season after season of unfailing performance, all our salt-spreaders are based around a heavy-duty tubular-steel frame and boast durable reinforced gearing.
Highly versatile, Handy salt-spreaders benefit from adjustable flow-rate control and can be during the growing season for the application of grass-seed and granular fertiliser.
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