The benefits of lawn aeration

The lawn enthusiasts among you will know that to keep your garden in tip-top condition you need to remove the heavy thatch and compacted soil through aeration once a year.  After all, your lawn has probably taken a battering over summer with friends and family meeting in the garden with all that heavy foot traffic. […]

Garden hedges, how high can you go?

Hedges if well maintained can really finish off a garden, they provide structure and privacy as well as a welcome home to hedgehogs and nesting birds. Which hedge grows the quickest?  The elegant Leylandii has the quickest growth rate of approx. 75 – 90cm per year. If you plant it between November and February, it will need less water […]

Cutting the lawns and hedges after the rain.

I’m sure you would of noticed that May was pretty much a wash out, infact, figures from the Met Office showed that by the middle of the month, Wales and some parts of England had already seen more rain than they would normally expect in the whole of a typical May. I suspect all that […]

What is No Mow May?

What is No Mow May and why is a garden wholesaler business asking you to keep your mower in the shed this month? especially when it is a well-known fact that grass and flowers grow quickly during Spring and Summer, and as gardeners know, for a lush grass lawn regularly mowing is essential. It’s for […]

How to control weeds with no chemicals

The Spring sun brings out the carpets of daffodils and flowering trees making it an uplifting time as the natural world comes to life filling our days with colour and scents. Of course, there will be April showers (and late frosts to watch for) amongst the sunny days, but this month is when you can […]

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