Top Autumn Gardening Tips and Tasks

Read Time: 3 Minutes… Written and Presented by: Adam Woolcott Transitioning Your Garden for Autumn: Essential Preparations There is a perception that somehow Autumn is the end of the gardening season but in truth the opposite is true. Traditionally, before garden centres and nurseries – this is when things would really get going! More rainfall […]

Why Do I Need a Leaf Blower?

Read Time: 4 Minutes… Written and Presented by Adam Woolcott Autumn’s Arrival: Dealing with Garden Leaves Autumn has arrived and although everywhere is looking like summer; the days shorten, the nights lengthen and the air becomes cooler. Then as night follows by day the leaves will eventually turn into their glorious autumn colours before fading, […]

From Rain to Flourish: Pro Gardening Tips for After the Rain

Read Time: 2 mins… 8 Top Gardening Tips After a Rainfall When the rain finally stops, your garden becomes a canvas of rejuvenation and potential. The moisture-rich soil and cooler temperatures create the perfect conditions for your plants to thrive. To help you make the most of this, we’ve compiled the top 8 gardening tips […]

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