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Why Do I Need a Leaf Blower?

Read Time: 4 Minutes… Written and Presented by Adam Woolcott Autumn’s Arrival: Dealing with Garden [...]

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6 Simple Steps to Laying Paving Stones in Your Garden

Read Time: 2 mins… How to Lay Paving Stones in Your Garden In this blog, [...]

National Earth Day – 22nd April

Home » National Earth Day – 22nd April National Earth Day: Working in Harmony With Your Garden [...]

Make clearing up leaves a breeze this Autumn

Autumn has arrived, crisp, foggy mornings greet us on the way to work or the [...]

What kind of petrol should you use?

You might have found yourself reading about the new E10 Petrol that is becoming the [...]

Warming up through Autumn

Autumn season is upon us and usually with the wet and windy weather comes a [...]

Seasonal tasks for September

September can be a funny month weather wise in the UK, you may notice the [...]

The benefits of lawn aeration

The lawn enthusiasts among you will know that to keep your garden in tip-top condition [...]

Garden hedges, how high can you go?

Hedges if well maintained can really finish off a garden, they provide structure and privacy [...]

Cutting the lawns and hedges after the rain.

I’m sure you would of noticed that May was pretty much a wash out, infact, [...]

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