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Prepare for Planting With This March Allotment Checklist

In this blog, we look at:

  • Weed your plot and turn the soil
  • Protecting your plants
  • Warming the soil
  • Feed and fertilise
  • Buying young plants and sowing seeds

Key Allotment Jobs That Will Have You Growing a Smile This Spring

The crocuses poking their purple heads out is a cheery reminder that March has arrived and spring is near.

As the ground softens, we can spend more time in our allotments, and top amongst your to-do list will be preparing beds for sowing and planting.

Here’s your checklist for the month:

Allotment/Vegetable Checklist

Here’s your checklist for the month:

1. Weed Your Plot and Turn the Soil

Dig out any problematic weeds, especially the perennial blighters like dandelion, dock, and thistle.

Catching them early in the spring will make them easier to control for the rest of the year.

2. Protecting Your Plants

Slugs arrive in the warmer, wet weather; keep them in check by hoeing and removing shelters to expose eggs to natural predators.

Cover brassicas to protect them from greedy pigeons, and look out for early infestations of aphids.

3. Warming the Soil

Cover your beds with cloches or black plastic to warm the soil for early sowing.

Warming the soil is an excellent way to get a headstart on crops like strawberries.

4. Feed and Fertilise

Now is a good time to feed your cabbages and brassicas with nitrogen-rich fertiliser.

This is also the time to fertilise beds to boost the nutritional content of your soil before sowing and planting.

5. Buy Young Plants and Sow Seeds

Who doesn’t love a trip to the garden centre for inspiration and a brew?

While you’re there, you can get trays of small plants and seeds; popular choices for March include beetroot, broad beans, and, if it’s warm enough, carrots, peas, and spinach.

6. Bed Preparation Made Easy

Nothing a little elbow grease can’t do, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy the total satisfaction of using a Tiller.

Something about evenly aerated, weeded, and prepped flower and veg plots fills us with joy. Leave no stone unturned with these Tillers…

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