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Written and Presented by Adam Woolcott

Autumn’s Arrival: Dealing with Garden Leaves

Autumn has arrived and although everywhere is looking like summer; the days shorten, the nights lengthen and the air becomes cooler. Then as night follows by day the leaves will eventually turn into their glorious autumn colours before fading, falling to earth.

For many, autumn can be a challenging time of year especially as it moves into winter. Now bare trees, faded blooms and short days can make life seem less colourful and bright. However, this is where turning negatives into positives can bring a sense of achievement and looking forward to brighter times.

One of the biggest negatives of autumn for me is falling leaves. Although I adore the fabulous red, oranges and yellows – I find that once these leaves cover everything – the challenges begin.

Fallen leaves block gutters and drains, turn lawns yellow as they’re deprived of sunlight and make paths & patios slippery and mushy underfoot. Traditionally, this is when the rakes and brooms come out and hours upon hours can be spent manually clearing what seems like an endless supply of falling leaves. However, if this is no longer for you or you just can’t physically manage it anymore – there is another way of turning this negative into a brilliant positive.

How Do I Deal With Leaves in My Garden?

The Handy Blow/Vac can really transform the way you deal with falling leaves this autumn. It has incredible features such as great control, variable speeds and mulching. It also allows you to create your very own homemade garden compost from what would have just been wasted leaves.

The Handy Blow Vac has a variable speed control from 150-270km/h meaning even wet leaves can be blown away. Also, at the flick of a switch, it can become a leaf vacuum with a mulching ratio of 10:1. This means that 10 bags of full-sized leaves become one after mulching.

It also features a generous 10 metres of cable and a 45-litre collection bag to aid you in easy, effective gardening. It also boasts nozzle wheels on the front for easy manoeuvrability and a shoulder strap for great comfort. All you need to do is pop on a stout pair of boots and some goggles and you’re away.

Leaf Blow/Vac – Easy Manoeuvrability and a Shoulder Strap

Leaf blower

If possible, use this machine on a day when the leaves are dry and they’ll be lighter and easier to shift. If it’s windy, then go with the direction of the wind and blow the leaves into heaps before flicking onto the vacuum mode and lifting them. When you empty the collection bag, you’ll notice the effectiveness of the mulching. Providing less to dispose of – fabulously chopped leaves that can be used to make great compost.

In summary, the Handy Blow Vac will liberate your lawns, drives, patios, beds, and borders from slippery and unattractive lawn-damaging leaves. So, this autumn don’t get discouraged using a rake to clear your garden and end up saying ‘Blow it’ – get the Handy Blow Vac instead and let it do the job.

Happy Gardening,


Adam has over 30 years of experience as a professional gardener and has many accolades, but is probably best known for his four Gold Medals at The Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show and his three BBC/RHS People’s Choice Awards at the show (of which he is particularly proud) which he won as one half of Woolcott & Smith.

Leaf Blower/Vacuum Range

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  1. Vyv James says:

    I am a big supporter of the mulching/shredding capability which reduces the time needed to convert into great leaf compost . However a battery version would be far more versatile , the cable is such a nuisance and most other garden tools now have battery equivalents, You have blowers but not vacuum/mulchers

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