6 Simple Steps to Laying Paving Stones in Your Garden

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How to Lay Paving Stones in Your Garden

In this blog, we provide step by step guide to laying paving stones in your garden

Whether for a walkway or a patio, paving stones add extra appeal to your garden and are great for pathways, seating, barbeques, or simply replacing vegetation with a space that’s easy to maintain.

Looking to Add Some Functional Space to Your Garden?

It’s a big job, but it’s not overly technical and can be done with patience and some elbow grease. Follow these steps to paving your garden and you will have a brand new beautiful path.

marking out where pavings will go in garden

Step 1. Mark Edges with String

Start by running lines of string to mark the edges of your path or patio at the height you intend your path to lay at.

Step 2. Dig Down

Next, dig to a depth of 18 inches and drive in a grid of wooden stakes – ensuring they’re level with one another. Make sure you leave enough space on top for a generous layer of sand or cement, plus your slabs.

digging up garden to pave
rubble and scalping in wheelbarrow

Step 3. Fill with Rubble and Scalpings

Fill your trench with rubble to about 3 inches from the top of your stakes and fill the remaining space with scalping until you reach the top of the pegs. Once you’ve completed this, tamp the pegs down firmly.

Step 4. Mix Cement

Now you’ll want to mix your cement; four parts sand and 1 part cement. Make sure you mix thoroughly and wear protective equipment.

mixing cement in bucket
paving stones on a garden

Step 5. Lay Slabs

Put down five generous dots of cement where you want your slab to go: one for each corner and one in the middle – and then lay your slab on top. Fill any gaps with a trowel or sand.

Step 6. Level and Wait

Use your spirit level to ensure each slab sits level with those around it, and wait at least 24 hours before walking on the slabs.

You are done …enjoy!

paving stones on a garden

Doing a Little Light Construction?

Inspired by these steps to paving your garden? View our light construction range. For a simple way to transport your slabs and mix your concrete, explore our range of tools for light construction.

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