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Manual Gardening Equipment

In this blog we look at the following:

  • Manual gardening equipment makes for a great outdoor workout
  • Clear the leaves with a Push Leaf Sweeper
  • Get logging with a saw & saw horse
  • Push-lawncare products provide exercise and a great lawn!

How many new years start with a gym membership and a firm commitment that this year is the one where you will get yourself fitter?  And how many of these well-intentioned resolutions swiftly falter?

If that sounds familiar, don’t worry, you are not alone! 

Manual Gardening Equipment Makes for a Great Outdoor Workout

This year, why not try a different approach to your fitness by getting a workout in the garden instead?  No, you don’t need an outdoor gym, you just need to put aside your powered gardening equipment and opt for manual machinery instead.  It’s not only a good workout for you, but it’s good for the environment too, using just ‘people’ power.

Most gardens are looking a bit sorry for themselves right now, so a tidy-up is a good place to start.

Clear the Leaves and Debris With a Push Leaf Sweeper

Use the Handy THPLS Push Lawn & Leaf Sweeper to clear away the leaves, instead of a blower. Weighing just 16.8kg and with a durable sweeper-brush powered by the action of the high-grip wheels on the ground, it’s not only effective but actually very easy to use.  It has a substantial 66cm working-width with a roomy 200-litre collector, so you can cover a lot of ground.

Get Logging With a Saw and Saw Horse

To give yourself more of a workout in the garden, let’s get sawing.  If you need to cut up logs, get it onto a saw horse and manually saw it into sections. 

Our foldable serrated edge saw horse makes this task safer by holding the tree securely in position as you cut.  It’s great value for money and, being foldable, is easy to store.  With all the stormy weather we have at this time of year, there may well be other trees in your garden that need branches removed or that have already deposited branches onto your lawn that can be sawn into logs to keep you warm in these winter months.

Push-Lawncare Products Provide Exercise and a Great Lawn!

The logs and other debris from your garden clear-up can be conveniently transported via one of our hand-propelled garden trolleys or cart.  There’s a good range to choose from with a host of features, from pneumatic or puncture-proof tyres through to drop-down sides for hassle-free loading and unloading.

Whilst your commitment to the gym may wain over time, your garden needs you more than ever as we move into spring and your grass starts to grow.  Get a good workout and make your lawn look great with the Handy 30cm (12″) Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower.  It’s equipped with a compact 30cm five-bladed cylinder which cuts with a precise scissor-type action for a neat, attractive finish.  What’s more, it weighs just 7.5kg, so gardeners of any age or build will find it super-easy to control and manoeuvre.  A push-type Garden Roller to smooth out frost heaves, level mole-hills or create an attractive lawn stripe, gives you a further workout!

Gardening really is a great way to stay physically fit and active, plus you’ll end up with a great garden and a clean conscience! 

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