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It’s Time to Clear up All Those Leaves in Your Garden

In Autumn, it’s lovely to see the leaves change colour from green to yellow before turning a beautiful golden brown. However, when they fall and cover our gardens, it becomes an entirely different problem. While some leaves can be left on bare ground to compost naturally, piles of leaves on lawns, paths and patios should be cleared away so they don’t pose health hazards (leafmould) or create potentially dangerous surfaces once the wet weather returns.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Fallen Leaves?

Depending on the size of your garden and the amount of leaf fall, using a rake or broom can do the trick. For larger spaces and where leaves have collected in awkward areas or around pots or furniture, leaf blowers and vacuums are great solutions that make this task much quicker and easier.

Leaf blowers can also be useful throughout the year – not just in autumn – making it easy to tidy up after cutting trees/hedges or clearing grass cuttings after mowing the lawn.

Leaf Blower

What is the Best Blower/Vacuum for a Small to Medium Garden?

The Handy THEV3000 3000watt Garden Blower has a 10.1 mulching ratio and blows from 93-167 mph, giving brilliant results while also being lightweight and simple to use with its ample 10m power cord. With just a flick of the switch, you can go from blowing to vacuuming – all in one device!

You can vary the speed on this model from 93mph to 167mph and the 45-litre collection bag will hold up to ten black bags of leaves due to the mulching function that reduces the volume by up to ten times.

With two years warranty, it really does provide great value for money, and leaves you satisfied every time you use it.

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