National Vegetarian Week 2022

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National Vegetarian Week 2022

Sow the Seeds to a Healthier Lifestyle This National Vegetarian Week

In this blog, we celebrate National Vegetarian Week 2022 and look at:

  • The benefits of National Vegetarian Week
  • What to consider when creating your vegetable garden
  • Preparing and tilling the soil
  • What vegetables to sow and how to take care of your new crop

From reducing carbon emissions to eating your way to a healthier lifestyle, a vegetarian diet is good for the planet and good for you.  16th -22nd May 2022 is National Vegetarian Week so here we take the opportunity to not only celebrate the humble vegetable but also provide some advice on how to grow your own.

National Vegetarian Week 2022

Vegetable Garden …Location, Location!

Before you get to work on creating your new vegetable patch, take some time to consider its new home. Ideally, your vegetable garden should be in direct sunlight in a spot where water can drain easily. You also want to avoid windy areas that could potentially wreak havoc on your new plants. Ideally, your plants will need a space of about 10m² to grow comfortably.

Tilling the Soil

Once you’ve decided where you want to plant your vegetables, you’ll need to prepare the soil so that your veggies will have the best chance to thrive. The easiest and quickest way to do this is with an electric tiller, such as the Handy THET Electric Tiller. Featuring a powerful 800w motor, driving a series of four sharp-tipped steel rotors giving a 30cm working width, an electric tiller offers a less strenuous alternative to the traditional manual garden fork!

For added convenience, a Garden Trolley could also make it easier to transport any tools, compost, or debris around your garden. It’s also a great way to collect your garden veg once it’s ripe for picking!

Top Tilling Tips:

  • Avoid tilling when it is wet as this can damage the soil’s structure
  • Remove any old roots, plants, or twigs to avoid damage to your tiller
  • Go across the soil one row at a time
  • Make multiple passes across an area to make the ground more even
  • Don’t be tempted to set the tiller to its maximum depth on the first pass
National Vegetarian Week 2022

Fall in Love with Vegetables – Food for Thought

When it comes to growing your vegetables, keep it simple and think about what you’d like to eat. Spring is a great time for beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, marrows, and squashes, among many others, whilst summer is a great chance to sow crops like pumpkin and spring onion.

Quality is better than quantity, so take your time and start by sowing a few seeds and spacing them out.  This will help you to keep control of your new crops and make them less overwhelming and easier to take care of. If you want to protect them against any unwanted pests you can use a suitable vegetable bug plant spray, which is easily applied with a Handy Knapsack Sprayer. Designed to sit comfortably on your back, the Knapsack Sprayer features a selection of nozzles designed to make light work of any spraying.

Not only can growing your vegetables be really rewarding but it’s also great healthy fun. With a bit of patience and care, you could have fresh, nutritious produce on your doorstep which is both delicious and great for the environment.

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