Make clearing up leaves a breeze this Autumn

The child cuts out autumn leaves with a candle and watercolors on wooden background. Crafts from paper for children. Children’s art project.

Autumn has arrived, crisp, foggy mornings greet us on the way to work or the school run, the trees are waving a glorious kaleidoscope of colours before they shed their leaves over the coming weeks.

While piles of crunchy leaves are great fun for the kids (and adults) to jump and kick about, not only do they look unsightly in our gardens, patios and drives when they become wet and slimy they can be a potential slip hazard.

A dense layer of damp leaves left on your lawn for a long period of time smothers it and blocks out sunlight which can promote weed growth and potentially kill your grass.

Why purchase a garden blower vacuum?

In a nutshell, they save you time and can be used all year round. If you have limited mobility or a medium sized garden you will wonder how you managed without one.

The THEV3000 Electric Blower Vac from The Handy would be a great addition to your garden routine. This garden tool can be used all year around to clear garden leaves, hedge and grass clippings with impressive speed with less effort. Save your back from bending by blowing away difficult to reach twigs and debris from under prickly hedges.

The front wheel support make it easy to manoeuvre and store away for easy access.

Safety first

This garden tool may look fun to use, remember it is not a toy it is a machine so care must be taken.

  • Do make sure the corded lead is not a trip hazard for you or others.
  • Do not let children use a blower-vac.
  • Do not use the blower-vac for sucking up large amounts of gravel, cement, or construction dust.
  • Do wear close fitting clothes that cannot get trapped in the vacuum or blower.
  • Do wear eye protection as blower-vacs can throw up debris.
  • Do wear a dust mask if required.
  • Do wear long hair tied back.
  • Do not use a blower-vac inside the house.
  • Do not use a blower-vac at unsociable hours.

Give some goodness back to your soil.

Return the nutrients to the soil – take the fine mulch from the vacuum and spread it over your flower beds and vegetable garden, it will help to protect the soil from the winter rain.

If you have space in the shed, gather some hessian sacks and fill them with dry leaves to add to next year’s compost. Successful composting is about a balanced mix of green and brown materials, so by having a ready supply of ‘brown’ material to use in the summer will be much easier than ripping up cardboard and paper.

Finally, who remembers making autumnal pictures at school? Relieve the craft sessions over half term at home, save any large or coloured leaves for arts and crafts, we have 44 suggestions here for you to leaf through!

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