Warming up through Autumn

Autumn season is upon us and usually with the wet and windy weather comes a drop in temperature, with more and more families turning back to the traditional open fire or log burner, cutting and transporting the logs doesn’t have to be a back breaking chore.

The Handy offers two log splitters, take a look at the products.

The Handy THLSV7 has a powerful 3000-watt electric motor, and produces 7 tonnes of splitting force, with the ability to split logs that are up to 100cm long and 30cm in diameter, this is a serious assistant for splitting logs for your wood burner or open fire. It has an adjustable splitting table that can be used in three different positions which gives you the ability to split logs of various sizes, with safety features in place to keep your hands away from moving parts. 

The slightly less powerful 4 tonne will save your backs from aches and strains as it cuts all different types of logs including seasoned or greenwood. The Handy THLS-4G Log Splitter has a 1500 watt electric motor, is compact enough to be stored easily in either your shed or garage.

What wood shouldn’t you burn?

Pine and Larch have high levels of resin and is likely to coat the inside of your log burner or flue with sticky deposits.  Poplar burns poorly and gives off a thick and black smoke. Laburnum is poisonous as is Oleander, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, Mexican Pepper plus a few more so do your research, you don’t want those fumes in your home or lungs!

What firewood to use

Oak – burns very slowly and makes a small flame, it burns best when seasoned for a very long time (usually over 2+ years)

Walnut – this hardwood has high levels of durability and density which means the fire will burn slow and steady and it also has hardly any smoke while burning.

Yews – burns long and provides a robust heat while burning slow and steady, the added bonus is the sweet and festive fragrance which is great for those cozy nights in.

To read about the different types of wood, this chart is a useful glance https://www.charnwood.com/news/best-firewood-to-burn-chart-uk/

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