Seasonal tasks for September

September can be a funny month weather wise in the UK, you may notice the late summer days are becoming shorter, but the warmth usually hangs around for a few weeks before autumn arrives towards the end of the month. So, while the dry weather lasts there are still a few tasks you can carry out in the garden:

Vegetable garden – what can I plant?

If you have a fruit or vegetable patch, you’ll be busy reaping the rewards of harvest with many vegetables coming into season such as runner beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, lettuces, marrows and courgettes, cucumbers, beetroot, turnips, carrots, and potatoes.

But you will also be wondering what you can sow now…. this month is a good time to sow vegetable seeds for winter and spring such as leafy crops, autumn onions and broad beans. In August / early September the soil is still warn so seeds will germinate quickly, if we are lucky enough for the weather to stay fine, the growing season can continue for a few more weeks.


Believe it or not now is the time to start planting your spring-flowering bulbs, most garden centres will have them available to buy – think daffodils, snowdrops and tulips which are easy to grow.

Continue to deadhead plants such as dahlias, delphiniums, roses and penstemons, they should provide colour well into the month but keep an eye out for any pest or disease presence such as white rust, eelworm or powdery mildew, especially if September is dry and warm.

Finally don’t forget your ponds

Autumn is the best time to car for your pond as juvenile amphibians will have left, and adult insects will be hibernating.

Remove rotting leaves with a net as they give off noxious chemicals when they decay and then cover the ponds with netting to stop leaves falling in, too much debris can encourage algae growth and weeds, which can harm the fish by eventually reducing oxygen levels. Remember to top up water levels when required and tidy up plants you can find some helpful advice on

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