Cutting the lawns and hedges after the rain.

I’m sure you would of noticed that May was pretty much a wash out, infact, figures from the Met Office showed that by the middle of the month, Wales and some parts of England had already seen more rain than they would normally expect in the whole of a typical May.

I suspect all that rain has made your lawn and hedges look luscious and green as well growing by several centimetres.

Just be mindful if you are going to trim the hedges March through to August is the main breeding season for nesting birds so do check carefully for active nests before you start.

The 3.6v Lithium-Ion Cordless Shrub Shear & Grass Blades from The Handy is just what you need, supplied with two interchangeable cutting heads, one for grass and one for shaping hedges and with the integrated lithium-ion battery you have a flexible and low maintenance tool.

Before you pull that mower out of the shed just hold off a bit – cutting your lawn when it is wet is harder to cut and takes longer to trim. recommends:

  • It’s a good idea to aim to reduce the lawn height by only one third each time you mow – any more would decrease the health and vigour of the grass.
  • Adjust the cutting height to suit the weather and season. Raise the height of the blade a little at the start and end of the season. If it’s hot and dry, raise the blade to let the grass grow longer. The extra moisture held in the longer foliage helps keep the grass green and shades the soil.
  • If you cut when the ground is sodden, the mower will smear and rut the soil, and wet grass clippings will clump and smother the lawn below. Mow when the grass and the soil beneath it is dry.
  • Grass cuttings can be composted – be sure to mix them with plenty of carbon-rich ‘brown’ material to prevent slimy compost. In summer you leave the clippings on the lawn to help retain moisture.

Just remember to take care in the garden, you might find one of our previous blogs Safety Tips for Gardeners a helpful read too.

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