4 Essential Garden Tools

Your Garden can add something of beauty to your overall surroundings.

When you look out of your kitchen window and see a tidy, well stocked garden you should be filled with pride. To make the ‘Feel Good Factor’ an ongoing emotion your garden needs to be maintained, that’s good news because gardening is often described as one of the healthiest outdoor activities a person can do.

Whilst working in your garden you should be getting some fresh air, some sunshine (weather permitting) and best of all, you end up with a vase full of beautiful flowers or a pantry full of fresh home grown ‘Tasty’ vegetables.

Sometimes gardening is described as ‘not as easy as it looks’, select the right tool to avoid your gardening becoming a chore, here are 4 essential garden tools that should help you turn a chore into a pleasure.

Garden Trollies

Suitable for most jobs involving moving items around the garden, they are designed to load and unload with ease, the better-quality trollies have removable sides for the times you need to move a larger cargo. Most are compact and manoeuvrable making them perfect for use in and around the garden, for transporting plants, tools, sacks of fertiliser, logs and garden waste. Find out more here.

Hollow Tine Aerators

The simplest but most effective way to relieve compaction and by removing plugs to carry out soil profile work and assist in the entry of fertilisers or dressings, ideal for year-round use. A Hollow Tine Aerator will relieve compaction and aerate your lawn in one operation, it removes cores for longer lasting aeration particularly on clay soils. Aerating is beneficial at any time for reviving either dry patches or hard areas, it helps reduce moss in damp areas by improving drainage and will help revive a heavily worn area. Find out more here.

Garden Rollers

A garden roller will help to achieve a flat lawn, it will flatten out the bumps and smooth out the ruts and peaks, they are ideal for levelling either lawn or gravel. If you are looking to create marked lawn stripes or bed-down freshly sown grass seed you will find a garden roller an invaluable partner. Find out more here.

Garden Tillers

A Garden Tiller will take the strain out of working your soil, break it up ready for planting without a spade, they are your perfect working partner for a vegetable plot, large flowerbeds or borders and for mixing in your compost. If you have ever had to turn an allotment over with a garden fork you will know what a back breaking job it can be, it no longer needs to be that if you invest in a garden tiller. Never has there been so many different choices of power with either petrol, electric & even cordless options. Find out more here.

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